Dan Dubois is a Mastering Engineer at Lacquer Channel Mastering, engineering for artists and labels across all nations and musical genres. Joining the Lacquer Channel team in 2010 with a background in electronic music Dan brings a unique edge to mastering in Canada. For more information visit the mastering page or get in touch.


Schematic’s versatile production and DJ techniques weave dark rollers with liquid funk, taking influence from all genres to create a unique style. His tracks and mixes constantly push the message “Music is music and if it’s good, it’s good. Genre is irrelivant, feeling is everything.” This Toronto resident is here to show the world that Canada has its place in the international Drum & Bass scene. With support from Fabio, Bailey, Komatic, Random Movement, and many other world-class DJs Schematic is well on the way to doing exactly that.

Schematic Sound iTunes

The Schematic Sound podcast is the highest quality Drum & Bass podcast available, bringing only the best from all corners of the genre, new and old. Delievered in a continuous listening format mixed monthly by Schematic and special guests. Full tracklistings are provided with each episode. Subscribe now on iTunes!